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Admission Bangalore provides services in the education segment helping students, parents and educational institutes.

For Students and Parents

Provide awareness on prevalent for students

For today's generation, there are a lot of exciting career opportunities that students can pursue; however students may get confused on which career path to follow. At Admission Bangalore we not only provide students information on careers but undertake to guide them correctly with professional career counseling. Therefore students are aware of the prevailing career prospects at the same time would not be carried away by their whims for choosing unsuitable career path.

Career Counseling for students to select the right course that suits them the Best

Everyone has aptitudes, abilities, likes and preferences which they need to evaluate before selecting their courses for their career. At Admission Bangalore, we have counselors that counsel students to make the right career choice. Be it engineering, medicine, law, management courses or something in the artistic or creative domain, we help students find out where their potential lies. We aid you in making a very important decision in life and we would guide you correctly.

Aid students in admission to educational Institutes

In today's competitive world both students and parents are under pressure for obtaining admission in colleges on time. In addition to that there are lots of unreputed, unrecognized colleges, where students are tricked to join, spoiling career prospects and important years of the student life. Admission Bangalore have a network of top institutes in every category, be it in engineering, law, management or IT, these are the institutions students dream to join and these are the institutes we help place our students.
From training the students to score in test assessments, to filling up forms for admission, we aid them. We guide students into proper channels for getting financial aid. In short, we help students through the whole tedious admission process.

For Educational Institutes

Help Educational Institutes get the most suited students for courses

The responsibility of educational Institutes is not just to impart knowledge to students, but to groom students with skills, character, and confidence for them to face life's challenges in future. A student who has selected the most suited course from a institute would reap the maximum benefits of the training imparted by the institute to excel in the chosen field. Such a student brings and adds name and glory to the institute that helped shape the student's skills and unleash the student's potential.

Spot Admission

Admission Bangalore is authorized by various colleges to conduct spot admission and interview. Apart from this we also do admission under NRI/Management quota foR V arious institutes and courses. We therefore have successfully provided admission to many students in their desired course and colleges.

Parental Package

In today’s world it is very tough for a parent to send their ward to a new place or unknown destination, even if it is for education. We at Admission Bangalore would like to offer a unique package sharing the worries of a parent who wishes to provide proper education and best of facilities to their ward. We at Admission Bangalore offer a complete parental support to your ward in field of health, education, travel and other facilities as such that you child feels home away from home

Services under Parental Packages include:

  • One to One Counseling
  • Tele Counseling
  • Online Counseling
    Updates on
  • College Opportunities
  • Form Availabilities
  • Job Opportunities(Part-Time/Full Time)
  • Other Opportunities
    Financial Assistance
  • Short Term/Long Term
  • Educational Loans
    Providing Platform for
  • Buying & Selling of Households
  • Buying & Selling of Vehicles
  • Opening Bank A/C's
  • Transfer of Funds
  • Almost everything

Career Counseling:

The business of Admission Bangalore has been structured into four individual Strategic Business Units ( S.B.U) Career Counseling and Admission Guidance is provided free of cost to all Indian Students as a part of contribution to the development of society. Any cost arising out of same is completely borne by the Company only.

Admission Guidance:

Admission Bangalore has launched a unique career counseling program to help you make a wise career decision. This program is aimed at guiding the students towards a career path that best suits their interests, aptitude and capability.Admission Bangalore attempts to address this crucial issue of career selection and development procedures by designing a systematic and step-by-step process of Career Development. This involves the following stages:

  • Personal Evaluation
  • Exploration of Career Opportunities
  • Assistance on Decision Making
  • Designing the right career path for you

College Back Office Support:

We at Admission Bangalore, using our expertise in marketing, help colleges in promoting theiR V arious courses by enabling to reach to a larger segment of students. Using our Wide Network of Consultants Along with the support of various Databases, Tuition Centers and Other Marketing Activities, we have successfully created awareness about various colleges and enabled them to get the right kind of students. Beside this we also take care of various outsourced activity of colleges like creation and maintenance of websites, designing prospectus, brochures, leaflets, issuing newspaper advertisements, conducting group discussion and interview across the country on behalf of them and so on. Thus, by providing a host of quality services at competitive price we try to save the admin cost of college and also make them free so that they can spend their precious time in providing quality education rather than just drawing marketing plans.

NRI/Management quota seats in engineering colleges Dream to Be AN Engineering one day? Not able to get in your final exams or rank well in entrance tests ..The ultimate choice is to appear for direct paid or nri management quota seats in engineering schools in city and karnataka.? Dreaming of Entry into an honest technical faculty is that the not the foremost iportant issue.The real issue happens after you get into get there.And how to urge there. Don't be anxious and nervous we tend to @ KIRAN the leading consultants for engineering admissions to several supposed schools everywhere city,Karnataka area unit here to your rescue Due to high interest and demand in technical education engineering administrations and board of administrators increase the admission standards.Engineering during this advanced age of science and technologymanagement/nri quota seats in engineering is taken into account to be the foremost wanted education demand to contend during this contemporary world. Imagine what the globe would be while not engineers there would be no Buildings,no installation ,No electricity ,nomobiles,no computers and nearly the globe would be a uninteresting place to measure in. To be AN engineer you must be able to solve technical issues expeditiously.That means you must be sensible in Maths and posses vital downside determination. And engineering education isn't that straightforward . it's concerning four years of hardwork that pays superb results. Being gift here on this web content aquatics google for management quota seats in Engineering schools city suggests 2 potentialities ;either {you area unit|you're} a mean student WHO has did not perform well otherwise you are AN intelligent students WHO seeks a awfully sensible faculty for a few alternative reason.If you're well to try to to in arithmetic and have that analytical downside determination skills then engineering is simply a cup of low. however several students choosing management quota just wish to try to to engineering despite apprehension of what's really to hold on with engineering studies and also the problem of subjects concerned. Well for such students somewhat facilitate from an honest administration or tuitions would possibly facilitate however there area unit a several such students WHO aren't even in an exceedingly state to understand the ideas or take it too carelessly .They fail and once more fail and it happens a several withdraw from their several course. Remember that the endowed taxation Fee Structure is in danger and and the yearly Fee Structure comed-k Fee Structure. Therefore it's necessary for folks to debate along with your kids their interest, their strength and weakness and also the best is to own a direction setup with an expert person . But after all to graduate as AN Engineer from prime engineering schools in city is to meet yours and your folks aspiration and gain a reputation during this trendy society with high payoffs. Its sensible to be AN Engineer .Bangalore has several engineering schools ,top and average .Top schools demand additional taxation Fee Structure and also the alternative might vary depending. It is sensible to book your seats early. Read folks recommendation for admissions. Admsission Bangalore consultancy services provides admision help and guidance for NRI/management quota seats in engineering for the following branches. Top Engineering College in city, Karnataka .Best technical schools related to to V.T.U (VISHWESHWARAIAH TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE) and alternative deemed university. Private and government B.Tech instituions.......... Career when twelfth Which career when twelfth..?.Parents and students when XII test area unit typically confused with engineering,medical,law or the other science or arts career.It is higher to understand concerning all career choices accessible and to selected showing wisdom relying upon your strength and weakness........

But the admission method through Management Seats in Medical College in Bangalore is incredibly troublesome and correct decisions ought to be created whereas choosing correct Karnataka Medical PG Admission and on Karnataka Private Medical College Admission. Going through middlemen or commission agents will increase value and time and any produce complications. Candidates WHO square measure seriously aiming for the college man MBBS course will approach America for help through all the troublesome times of their career. Due to existing competition and low variety of seats assigned the advance Bookings of those paid Management Seats for MBBS in Karnataka for this year 2013 have already started. This is the proper time for MBBS Management Seats for MBBS in Karnataka, Bangalore state to promote for the 2013 medical courses. Therefore if therefore serious, you'll be able to simply respond too soon this variety, Low donation, lowest package. You can conjointly visit the web site by goggling for Management Quota Admission in MBBS .You will notice it on No.1 position and register on-line The Management Seats for MBBS in Bangalore drives the aspiring candidates to possess the information and acquire skills concerning the frame systems, pathology analysis of diseases, diagnosing and treatment by uses of allopathic medicine and surgery. The courses is of four years duration.