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Menzies Institute of Technology

Menzies Institute of Technology

Menzies Institute of Technology

Menzies Institute of Technology you learn from today for a more robust tomorrow. Menzies Institute features a robust academic presence in Victoria with four campuses set in Melbourne and we are committed to assist all students to satisfy their future goals through education and learning. This institute is proud to be recognized as a high quality supplier within the trade. This has been achieved by guaranteeing all students receive the coaching, support and skills that they deserve for his or her future. We pride ourselves on providing a accessory and versatile learning environment with extremely dedicated lecturers, trainers and assessors to assist you reach your goals. In this contemporary world, you need to possess the competitive edge to distinguish yourself from the other people. Our qualified lecturers, trainers and assessors won't only offer you with quality education but also with sensible and life experiences that will assist you reach your dreams

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Menzies Institute of Technology is an authorized coaching organization reputed for its robust specializes in education. We have a tendency to aim to uphold this reputation by providing quality coaching and assessment through a team of extremely qualified and full-fledged trainers, and continuously building on our already spectacular coaching facilities and resources. Menzies strives to teach students and make sure that they're totally equipped to create positive contributions in their chosen industries and workplaces.

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    Courses are offered in the following streams:

  • Automotive
  • Electro Technology
  • Dental Health
  • Nursing
  • Pathology
  • Retail Baking
  • Management
  • English